A Request from Munich Airport Chaplaincy

Dear colleagues of IACAC and at the airports worldwide,

I have a very special request for you today:
Munich Airport and with it the Chaplaincy are celebrating their 30th birthday this year!
On this occasion we want to tackle a project.

We would like to decorate the walls in front of our offices with pictures – pictures of many chapels, churches and prayer rooms in / at airports worldwide!

On Sunday, July 24th, the memorial day of St. Christopher, we want to celebrate our 30th anniversary with a religious service, a vehicle blessing and the official opening of the newly designed corridor. It will be wonderful for all the visitors to see the very different religious place at the airports worldwide.

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President’s Letter | March/April 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues.
It is always worthwhile to ponder the truth of the often quoted observation that the world is now like a global village. What happens in one part of the world ripples like a wave on the water across the rest of the world touching all in its path. Nothing else brought this home more clearly than the effect of the worldwide pandemic from which we are emeging and grief and tragedy at the loss amd disruption of so many lives.

Chaplains often have a role in meeting and supporting vulnerable passengers who have become stranded for a variety of reasons. This has never been more so than in the past two years. Exercising this ministry of service to an airport community, means that sometimes (often!) we simply put ourselves at the disposal of those whom we serve, and if there is a crisis which requires an urgent response, then we need to respond.

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IACAC Conference, September 19 – 23

Arrangements for our annual conference are now being made. Registrations will open shortly and a formal invitation to attend will be sent to all airport chaplains. The conference program will be available on our website when the registrations open.

Date: Monday 19th September – Friday 23rd September after Breakfast

Theme: Learning From Adversity – Equipped for a Post Covid Industry

Venue: Premier Inn, Bath Road, Hounslow

Cost: £700 per person
(An earlybird rate of £650 if registration and payments are made by the 1st July)

Post Conference Details not yet confirmed.

All registrations and payments are to be made through the IACAC website and should be made by the 31st July once registrations open.

We do hope that you are planning to join us in London for what promises to be an intersting and stimulating program.

Annual Membership Fee

The payment of the annual membership for the IACAC is now due. Each year members are encouraged to pay their annual  dues and keep their membership up to date.The membership financial year is from the 1st January to the 31st December.  Payments made at the annual conference are usually for the next year and should be made in American Dollars. Thank you to those members who have paid their 2022 membership. Please follow this link to make your payment to keep your membership current.