IACAC Zoom Meeting – 14th June – 1100 UTC

THE IACAC Board invites you to be part of our Zoom meeting to be held on Monday 14th June. An inviation to register will be sent out nearer the time.

The meeting itself will be in three parts.

Part1: The Rev Greg McBrayer from Dallas Fort Worth Airport will make a rpesentation on his work with American Airlines

Part 2: Time of Sharing. Three chaplains from different parts of the world will share the way their chaplaincies are organised.

Part 3: A workshop of your choice from one of the following topics. Your choice in orderof preference must be made at the time of registering

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Zoom Meeting for Airport Chaplains in Africa


Date: On Monday 17th May the Nairobi Chaplaincy team are hosting a Zoom Meeting for all airport chaplains working in Africa.

Time: 2pm/1400 Nairobi time {1100 UTC }

Speakers: Director General Gilbert Kibe of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, “ How Civil AviationAuthototies and Airport Authorities in Africa can initiiate and support chaplaincy ministry at African airports”.

Rev Pierre de Maureil, Prsident of IACAC, “ Background history of airport chaplaincy in Africa and support of IACAC for chaplaincy”

There will be time for questions, discussion and sharing of experiences.

An invitation link for registering for this meeting will be sent out shortly.

British Isles and Ireland Network BIIACN

The British Isles and Ireland Airport Chaplains Network are proposing to have a virtual (ZOOM) network meeting on Wednesday 19th May – further details and joining instructions will be sent nearer the time. Please note this is a Wednesday not the regular Tuesday slot. It is hoped to facilitate a discussion around rebuilding our airports and in particular Chaplaincy Teams and the presence of chaplains in the airport. International Airport Review is putting on a conference on 5th/6th May entitled “Rebuilding Airports” and this will be used that as a basis for discussions.

The Network was fully established in 1998, although the seeds of its role predate that, with occasional meetings of a few Airport Chaplains in the early 1990’s. As numbers of Chaplaincies grew in the UK and Ireland, so the need for an informal Network was realised.

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President’s Letter | April 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues.

The entire planet has been and continues to pass through a very strange and painful time. The COVID-19 pandemic has enforced much of the world’s population into some sort of isolation as the pandemic peaks into recurring waves. Each of us has now seen the dramatic impact of lockdowns around the world on air traffic and on the global aviation industry. Our airports have been empty. It will take years for airlines and airports to recover from this tragedy and while many of us were unable to visit the airport in which we serve, the presence and ministry of airport chaplains will be more essential than ever in airports around the world.

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President’s Letter | March 2021

Dear friends and Colleagues,

Humanity has always travelled. Near or far, to migrate to a better place, visit relatives, explore other regions or, more recently simply for the pleasure of tourism, walking, riding, by sea, ground or sky, it has been in our genes for centuries and millenniums to go on journeys. Apart from very few notable exceptions in very remotest areas of the planet, none of our cultures and faiths would be what they are if they weren’t for journeys of a few or many men and women and the encounter with other human beings, their environment and cultures. I believe that each one of our spiritual traditions is specifically marked by some kind of journey and cultural encounters.

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