News from our chaplaincies

On the 17th May chaplains from Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda and Sth Africa met via Zoom to share time together. Unfortunately our colleagues in the Congo were unable to connect on the day. The guest presenter for the day was Captain Gilbert Kibe, Director General of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. Captain Kibe is a passionate supporter of chaplaincy in Kenya and is keen to see many other African countries appoint chaplains to their airports. In his presentation Captain Kibe spoke of the contribution of chaplains to the life of the airport and the airport community especially throuhout the COVID pandemic. He saw the chaplaincy as a source of spiritual support that helps grow a healthy work force and eases emotional stress. He believes that the chaplaincy ministry  supports the raising of awareness of diginity for all people in their work. Captain Kibe encouraged all those present to continue to grow their networking in order to learn and benchmark on faith based matters at airports both locally, regionally and internationally.

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President’s Letter | May 2021

Dear friends and colleagues,

It was my estimated predecessor the Rev Georges Lane who told me about the origin of the words “chaplain, chaplaincy and chapel”. Did you know it referred to the St Martin of Tour’s cloak which, according to the famous legend he had shared with a freezing beggar at the gate of the French city Amiens. The young Roman soldier from a Hungarian noble family has been remembered for his famous generosity since then. The cloak was the property of the Roman army and it was probably the liner that the young man shared. Later the cloak (cappa in Latin) itself became a sacred relic, the church it was kept in was called a chapel (cappella) and the priests whose office was to carry the relic chaplains (cappellani). Beyond the fact that as a Protestant I don’t personally give much credit to relics in general and this one in particular, I must say that I love the story and what it means in the definition of our role and ministry in the airport.

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IACAC Zoom Meeting – 14th June – 1100 UTC

THE IACAC Board invites you to be part of our Zoom meeting to be held on Monday 14th June.

The meeting itself will be in three parts.

Part1: The Rev Greg McBrayer from Dallas Fort Worth Airport will make a rpesentation on his work with American Airlines

Part 2: Time of Sharing. Three chaplains from different parts of the world will share the way their chaplaincies are organised.

Part 3: A workshop of your choice from one of the following topics. Your choice in orderof preference must be made at the time of registering

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Zoom Meeting for Airport Chaplains in Africa


Date: On Monday 17th May the Nairobi Chaplaincy team are hosting a Zoom Meeting for all airport chaplains working in Africa.

Time: 2pm/1400 Nairobi time {1100 UTC }

Speakers: Director General Gilbert Kibe of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, “ How Civil AviationAuthototies and Airport Authorities in Africa can initiiate and support chaplaincy ministry at African airports”.

Rev Pierre de Maureil, Prsident of IACAC, “ Background history of airport chaplaincy in Africa and support of IACAC for chaplaincy”

There will be time for questions, discussion and sharing of experiences.

An invitation link for registering for this meeting will be sent out shortly.