Welcome to the world of civil aviation chaplaincy!

The International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains (IACAC) is the professional organization of chaplains involved in the civil aviation industry. At more than a hundred airports around the world Airport Chaplains support travellers and people working in the aviation sector in various kinds of challenging situations.

The IACAC promotes chaplaincy work at airports and supports Airport Chaplains in fulfilling their tasks.

Scroll down to learn more about us and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if we can be of any help for you.

who we are

The IACAC is the professional association of Airport Chaplains who are drawn from a number of world faiths. Each Chaplain is recognized as such by a duly constituted body and by the IACAC.

As an organization we provide an international and interfaith network for those engaged in ministry in the unique environment of civil aviation. By fostering a continuing exchange of experience and insights we enhance the fulfilment of our task. Together we develop our understanding of how civil aviation functions, of its effect upon people in and using it and its influence in shaping our world.

what we do

At more than a hundred airports around the world we support travellers and people working in the aviation industry. At any time, Airport Chaplains are willing to lend an open ear to all people regardless of their religious background or world view. We offer mental, spiritual and social assistance to people who are going through a personal crisis, who are having problems at work or who just need somebody to talk to. Being available is our main duty.

Together with airport operators we also provide airport chapels – prayer rooms that are open to travellers and staff for their personal prayer, meditation or to enjoy a moment of silence in the hustle and bustle of the airport. You’ll find chapels at most major airports around the globe.

how we serve airports

The services of Airport Chaplains are very easily accessible to airport staff as they meet us at their workplace. By being available in any kind of challenging situations – be it work-related or personal – chaplains can play an important role when it comes to Health Management.

The chaplains’ availability to travellers supports the work of ground and flight staff when they are facing challenging situations like stranded passengers, persons with anxieties or when they have to deal with a death on board or at the airport.

At many airports the chaplains are part of the emergency management and help to organize, train and coordinate care-teams that are available 24/7 for people affected by incidents, accidents or terroristic events.

The most precious thing Airport Chaplains have to offer is time. Time for anyone in any situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your airport doesn’t have a chaplaincy yet.