Zurich (ZRH | LSZH)

Zurich Airport
City: Zurich, Switzerland
Airport Website


  • Interfaith Chapel and Meditation Room, Check-in 2 (landside)
    open 24/7
    Worship Services:
    Sunday once a month, see Website
    Wednesday 12pm: Prayer Service
  • Interfaith Prayer Room, Non-Schengen-Area, Zone D (airside)
    open 6am-11pm

Chaplaincy office
Location: Check-in 2, next to the Chapel
Office hours: 08.30 – 17.30 Monday to Friday;
Weekends by request
on call 24 hours

Phone: +41 43 816 5757

Rev. Stephan Pfenninger Schait – Reformed Church
Pastoral Assistant Andrea F. Thali – Roman Catholic Church
Social Deacon Jacqueline Lory – Reformed Church

Last update: FEB 26, 2019