London 2022

The 55th Annual Conference of the IACAC in 2022 will take place in London (Heathrow).

Monday 19th September – Friday 23rd September 2022

Conference Theme:
Learning From Adversity – Equipped for a Post Covid Industry”

Our theme for this year’s conference is focusing on learning from adversity and applying these lessons to equip us for working in a post covid industry. Presentations on the future of aviation and how to learn from change will encourage reflection on the ways chaplains have become innovative in using technology to stay connected with their airport communities throughout the covid pandemic.

Airports are diverse environments where chaplains serve people whose customs may be quite different from their own. They are also complex operational settings where chaplains cannot understand every process yet must be sensitive to what is happening around them. There are also a variety of organisational issues associated with how to organise a chaplaincy. Presentations and workshops will explore these concepts with learning from within and outside our industry. There will also be opportunities to network and informally exchange experiences.

Conference Costs
$885 Single
$1285 Twin Share/Double ($642.50 per person)
$380 Day rate for 3 days
$50 Online Attendance

Planning for a likely three day Post Conference Tour is progressing but not yet confirmed. The itinerary will depend on containing costs and the number of interested participants. It is hoped to tailor a trip to the interests of participants with some options to choose from.

Conference Venue
Premier Inn London Heathrow T2 & T3
15 Bath Road, Hounslow
10 minutes drive from the Heathrow airport with shuttle bus links to Terminals 2,3 & 5

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