Online Conference 2020

The IACAC conference in 2020 took place online due to COVID-19. The originally planned conference in Nairobi has been postponed to 2021. The annual business meeting, which is usually part of the conference, has been postponed to the 2021 conference in agreement with the IACAC constitution.

Program and speakers

Grace Davie, University of Exeter: “Being an airport chaplain in 2020”

Kathy Malcom Hall, Therapist: “Griefs and uncertainties of airport chaplains in 2020”

“A conversation with aviation industry leaders”  
Charles R. Everett, Jr, Deputy Director, Aviation & General Manager, JFK International Airport
Capt. Gilbert M. Kibe, Director General Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO Groupe ADP
Hosted by Pierre de Mareuil, President of the IACAC

You can watch the contributions of our speakers by clicking this link.