About us

About the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains

The International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains (IACAC) is the professional association for Civil Aviation Chaplains, who are drawn from a number of world faiths. Each Chaplain is recognized as such by a duly constituted religious body and by the IACAC. Their work consists in the priestly, pastoral and prophetic ministry roles to and with the people of the aviation industry.
The intent is to be as inclusive as possible with respect to membership while protecting the soundness of the group and its work as God gives us wisdom, courage and love to do so.

The purposes of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains are:

To provide for and promote an essential fellowship under God for those engaged in ministry in the unique environment of civil aviation.

To provide a continuing exchange of experience and insights to enhance the fulfilment of our task.

To develop our understanding of how civil aviation functions, its effect upon people engaged in and using it, and its influence in shaping our world.

To engage in mutual theological and sociological study & reflection related to our task.

to affirm and communicate our experience of God’s one world which is given to us through the nature of civil aviation and our involvement in it.

To nurture ecumenical, spiritual, interfaith and multicultural relationships in the world which God has created and its creation.

The purposes of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains are to be fulfilled:

Through meetings at intervals to be decided by IACAC.

By the maintenance of an Executive Board.

By the promulgation of information through monthly newsletter and the IACAC website.

An Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Media Officer shall be elected by the IACAC membership. The President and Vice-President and Media Officer shall have a two-year term of office. The Secretary and Treasurer will serve for three years. Representatives of the Host Chaplaincy charged with organizing the next conference and of the Chaplaincy organizing the previous conference will also serve two years on the Executive Board.

The Board shall be responsible for official representation of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains, essential decision making between conferences, the fulfilment of the purposes of IACAC as stated above, the distribution of minutes and reports, recommendation of new members and the promotion of the exchange of information among members.

The development of the ministry of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains requires an inter-dependent relationship with the parent religious bodies of its several members. IACAC actively seeks to establish and maintain such inter-dependent relationships to promote the necessary dialogue, cooperation and use of resources that would help to fulfil the ministry we share in civil aviation.