President’s Letter | August 2021

Dear friends and colleagues,

It’s been too long since we last met!

It seems to me that I’ve been repeating that phrase for the past 2 months. Meeting friends and family for the summer holidays or airport staff that had been furloughed for 12 to 15 months has been such a joy and made me realize once more how much we need to see and meet each other. Then, those past days Facebook has been starting to remind me of fond memories of our conference in Paris in late August 2016. I already anticipate within the next few days and weeks the memories from Charlotte in 2018 and Stockholm in 2017, then will come those from New York in 2015 and Melbourne in 2019. My Facebook will not search beyond as I wasn’t on it before 2015 but I’m sure that for many of you more memories will remind you of so many past conferences, friendly faces and new encounters. 

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