Annual Membership Fees

In an effort to help ease the pain of this global pandemic, the Board of the IACAC agreed in 2020 to a 1- year waiver of Membership Dues for everyone. It was then decided to extend that waiver to the end of 2021 and consider all chaplains that have been accepted as members of IACAC to be fully paid up financial members to the end of 2021.

Each year members are encouraged to pay their annual dues and keep their membership up to date.The membership financial year is from the 1st January to the 31st December. Payments made at the annual conference are usually for the next year and should be made in American Dollars. Please follow this link to make your payment. Members are asked to make every effort to pay their annual subscriptions by the 31st March 2022. Reminders will be sent to members early in the year.

Our Association has now been registered as a Community Interest Company and is now known as IACAC CIC registered in England and Wales. Any member that does not wish to remain a member as part of IACAC CIC must inform the Secretary in writing of their wish to not continue membership.