IACAC CIC Executive Board Elections 2022

The positions of President, Vice President, and Media Officer are open for election at the 2022 Conference to be held in London next September.

The following nominations were received at the Nairobi Business meeting for these positions:

President– Mr Martyn Scrimshaw, Melbourne.
Vice President– Rev Canon Liz Hughes, London Luton.
Media Officer– Two nominations were received- Fr Fabrizio Martello, Milan Linate and Mr Alan Benstock, Manchester.

As only one nomination each was received for the positions of President and Vice President, no election is necessary. Mr Martyn Scrimshaw will become President and Rev Canon Liz Hughes will take the position of Vice President, from the conclusion of the London Conference 2022.
There will be an election for the position of Media Officer at the 2022 Conference.

Our secretary, Mary Holloway, ended her term of office at the Nairobi Conference and Deacon Jim Martin from St Louis, USA became the new secretary. He can be contacted by email.