IACAC Zoom Meeting – 14th June – 1100 UTC

THE IACAC Board invites you to be part of our Zoom meeting to be held on Monday 14th June.

The meeting itself will be in three parts.

Part1: The Rev Greg McBrayer from Dallas Fort Worth Airport will make a rpesentation on his work with American Airlines

Part 2: Time of Sharing. Three chaplains from different parts of the world will share the way their chaplaincies are organised.

Part 3: A workshop of your choice from one of the following topics. Your choice in orderof preference must be made at the time of registering

a) Starting an airport chaplaincy

  • Models for running chaplaincy services
  • Organisational structure
  • Financing schedules (who pays: airport, Churches?)
  • Role of volunteers, role of religious services, role of and collaboration with airport social services (by the airports, by the Churches)

b) Sharing our chaplaincy models

  • Are airport chapels trafficked around the clock for airport employees (including medical people) and passengers?
  • Multi faith chaplaincies; 
  • How to become more inclusive of a variety of faiths
  • Leading multifaith teams 
  • Cooperating in multifaith teams

c) Training chaplains and volunteers

  • Training of Chaplains and volunteer
  • Sharing our best practices 
  • Standardising a basic training program.

d) How can the IACAC be more inclusive of a variety of faiths

  • Inviting colleagues to conferences and online meetings
  • Liturgy: do we need to adapt / what?

e) Airport & Aviation industry

  • The environment, the aviation industry & airport chaplaincy
  • More information on the state of the aviation industry
  • Insights are key- our industry, understanding people or sharing best practice