Hopes for a new world

This time of isolation is favorable to reflection and many thinkers around the globe are trying to define the future and share their hopes for the post-Covid-19 world. The environment and new economics paradigms seem to be the main concerns and motivation for many. The aviation industry has been strongly shaken and will take time to recover. But it certainly will. 

Catherine Maunoury, twice World Champion in Aerobatics, President of the Aéro-Club de France and lecturer, shares with us the communicative enthusiasm of pioneers, a spirit she believes we are in need of to face our future. “Sixty years only between Louis Blériot’s achievement over the Channel and three accomplishments occurring in 1969: the first flight of a Concorde aircraft; the first flight of a Boeing 747; and the first person to step on the moon! Barely born, aviation was already flying at Olympic velocity: ever faster, ever higher, ever further. […] But a virus abruptly brought our headlong drive to a grinding halt—and possibly our dreams as well. […] From now on, we will never be able to claim again that it is impossible to stop the reigning economy in its tracks, nor its bulimia, nor its insanity. […] Since its inception, aviation has carried the values that we will once again need to confront and shape our future.’’ 

I let you discover the article of her blog which she has allowed us to translate and publish on our website. Have you read or even better written an article about hopes and dreams for a post-Covid-19 world, aviation, airport, chaplaincy…? Share it with us and this could become a new section of our Newsletter and website.

Read Catherine Maunoury “Pioneers of the future once again: What if this crisis were an opportunity for aviation?’’.