The Paris Chaplaincies

The chaplaincies at Paris Orly and CDG airports have come through a number of changes this past year. Starting with the last one, Anniel Hatton, Protestant Chaplain at Orly retired on 30 June. She served 10 years as an airport chaplain,1st at CDG and then at Orly since October 2013. Her ministry was greatly appreciated by both passengers and staff. Previous to airport chaplaincy Anniel was a pastor in several Baptist churches in France together with her husband William. She also served as a hospital chaplain. Anniel was a pioneer in advocating and living women’s ministry in Baptist churches in France. Anniel has been succeeded at Orly by David Gonzalez, a reformed minister who enthusiastically joined the team as a full time chaplain on 1 July.

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Chaplaincy in Scandinavia

Report from Rev Mats Linde, Göteborg Landvetter Airport, Sweden

2015-09-22 Landvetter Flygplats. Mats Linde är flygplatspräst. ©Photo by Sören Håkanlind / COPYRIGHT

In Scandinavia there are three Airports where the Church is present; Oslo Gardemoen Airport in Norway, where the new Airport Chaplain Torbjørn Olsen serves. He has been there for over one year and I will see him on June 11th for the first time, when he visits me at Landvetter. The other two are in Sweden, Stockholm and Göteborg. Stockholm Arlanda Airport has no Airport Chaplain since November 2018, when Unni Franck retired. Currently, interviews are under way to find a new Airport Chaplain.

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