News from our Chaplaincies | February 2021

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News From The Airport Chaplaincy At Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Charlotte NC, USA

I have been privileged to be part of the Airport Chaplaincy team at Charlotte Douglas International airport and the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains for several years. My wife and I have decided it is time to relocate to the Indianapolis area to be closer to our youngest daughter and her two children by the middle of 2021. The current Vice-President of the IACAC, David Reiser will replace me as the Director of the chaplaincy team here in Charlotte, NC as of January 1, 2021.

As you all know, airport chaplains are incredibly special people. I have been reminded of this through so many members of the IACAC as we bring the face of Christ to hurting people without conditions. A strong IACAC can keep this chaplaincy effort alive and strong.

Our oldest grand daughter asked me what I going to do when we move. The best answer I could give is “I am not sure”.

George Szalony

Franz Kohlhuber from Munich wrote:

Finally I finished the collection of the pictures from the Conference in Melbourne. I know that it is very late but maybe in times of Corona and pandemic situation it could be nice to remember those wonderful days in Down Under.

I hope you are healthy and the situation at your airports is bearable. Here in Munich it is still very surreal and eerie because there are only a few travelers and very less employees.

We have to deal with repatriation, with elder people who are not familiar with all the documents, personal location forms or QR-Codes needed to check-in.  We try to help them as far as possible.

We are working in Shift operation. My colleagues are starting in the morning – I come later and stay till the evening – and there is 24/7 a person who can be contacted by phone if necessary.

On the 1st of April there will be a successor for Stefan Fratzscher. The name of the new protestant chaplain is Christine Stoehr (Stöhr). She was protestant priest in a parish near to the airport – in Landshut.

So I am very glad that there will be a new protestant colleague for me and I am looking hopefully to the future.

Here now you can find the links to the pictures from our Conference and Post Conference Tour. What possibility do you see to make it available for all the people who took part and who are interested to see them to remember those wonderful journey!

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