2021 Online Meeting

Thanks for registering for the Online Conference on June 14th. Please fill in the following form to choose a workshop. Make sure you choose three different workshops according to your priorities. Find more information about the workshops further down this page.

Detailed information about the workshops

a) Starting an airport chaplaincy

  • Models for running chaplaincy services
  • Organisational structure
  • Financing schedules (who pays: airport, Churches?)
  • Role of volunteers, role of religious services, role of and collaboration with airport social services (by the airports, by the Churches)

b) Sharing our chaplaincy models

  • Are airport chapels trafficked around the clock for airport employees (including medical people) and passengers?
  • Multi faith chaplaincies; 
  • How to become more inclusive of a variety of faiths
  • Leading multifaith teams 
  • Cooperating in multifaith teams

c) Training chaplains and volunteers

  • Training of Chaplains and volunteer
  • Sharing our best practices 
  • Standardising a basic training program.

d) How can the IACAC be more inclusive of a variety of faiths

  • Inviting colleagues to conferences and online meetings
  • Liturgy: do we need to adapt / what?

e) Airport & Aviation industry

  • The environment, the aviation industry & airport chaplaincy
  • More information on the state of the aviation industry
  • Insights are key- our industry, understanding people or sharing best practice