The Bushfire Catastrophe in Australia

For many weeks and, in fact months now, devastaing fires have raged across the east coast of Australia destroying people’s homes and livelihoods, burning millions of hectares of bush, farmland and towns, taking lives and killing our wild life and farm animals. Most of these fires have startrd as a result of lightning strikes but sadly some of these fires have been deliberately lit.

Australians have been overwhelmingly touched by the generousity of so many people from around the world. Passengers arriving home in Melbourne are telling stories of complete strangers approaching them overseas and asking if they are Australians and then pressing money into their hands to donate to the fire relief appeals. We have also been deeply touched by the messages we have received from our chaplain colleagues around the world asking how they can donate to appeals and assuring us of their prayers. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. It has meant a lot to us.

Many churches and organisations have started their own appeals and, given the enormity of the fires in both NSW and Victoria, the following links shown below are given to people to donate as this is where most of the emergency and recovery money is being raised to provide support to people, towns and native animals to assist in the recovery process.

These funds will be available for use by multiple agencies for bushfire relief both immediately and to provide all the support that will be required over the coming days, months and years on the long road to recovery for our Nation.

Rain has started to fall but we ask you to pray for more plentiful rain to fall on us.  It will reduce the drought and is the only thing that will put many of these fires out as they continue to burn in country that cannot be readily accessed by fire fighters.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Major Martyn Scrimshaw and Mary Holloway
Melbourne Airport Chaplaincy