President’s Letter | May 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

After about 2 months of forced absence at Paris-CDG I was able to visit the airport for a few hours and be of some assistance to a handful of passengers in transit and have a chat with some staff (most of them work maximum 4 days a month). But maybe the most unexpected conversation was with a group of 3 ‘inhabitants’ of the airport including a real friend. It was quite unexpected as most homeless people have found shelter in nearby hotels as almost every food supply have closed on the airport but another surprise was the content of the conversation between an ex-teacher and an artist and their friend (of whom I don’t know much). Each have a deep culture and spirituality and after some chit chatting about the situation we all face they asked: ‘’Pierre, why do we face such a pandemic, who sends it, is it some kind of punishment?’’

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President’s Letter | March 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are living in rapidly changing times and each of us has been called upon to be responsive to these changes according to the decisions made by the governments and health authorities in our own countries.

Many of our colleagues have been unable to continue their ministry within their airports while others are finding their presence is needed more than ever. Each of us must be conscious of our responsibilities to ensure that we are not carriers of the infection to others.

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President’s Letter | February 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

For those of us of the Christian tradition we have now entered the season of Lent in the approach to Easter. A time for reflection and contemplation, a time to search for a clear pattern and plan running through our lives. A time to walk with God.

We live in a shrinking world. Within minutes of it happening social media, the press, TV and radio bring graphic details of disasters from all around the world. We are instantly able to share the horrors, the highs and lows of what is happening with those who are suffering. This is clearly illustrated by the constant updates we receive about the spread of the corona virus and we can only hope and pray that it will soon end.

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President’s Letter | January 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

2019 is gone, welcome 2020!

On our airports, the New Year is usually the time for figures showing the growth in numbers of passengers, economy of the reduction of carbon emissions, noise, etc.  If you are like me you expect those numbers and like to show you’re proud of “your” airport. Pride can be a positive thing on the matter a way of expressing your interest and support to managers and staff of the airport.

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President’s Letter | November/December 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues

It is with a heavy heart that I write these lines as we have heard about the death of Father Xavier de Meeûs one of the founders of our association. I never had the chance to meet him and get to know him but it has always amazed me that in the first decades of civil aviation two Roman Catholic priests who were chaplains in Brussels and Paris-Orly airport decided to start what would soon become an international and multifaith movement. Two other things struck me of what I’ve heard about Fr de Meeûs one was in a conversation with I believe Fr Walter Maader during our 50th anniversary conference in Stockholm where I was told he always wanted to innovate and encouraged chaplains and the association to be innovative. It has been a guide for me since. The other thing was, more recently just after learning about his death in a conversation with Mary who insisted on how gentle he was and how much he wanted our association to be open to people of all faith. Had we met we might have had some discussion about such things as the relevance of a legal entity for the IACAC or on us becoming a more professional association and we might have disagreed on those issues. I nevertheless feel very humble and encouraged to follow the footsteps of such a giant. As we honor his memory I hope and pray that we will continue to be inspired by his vision.

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