Online Conference – October 20th, 11:00 UTC

As we cannot meet physically this year, the IACAC will be meeting for an online conference on October 20th at 11:00 UTC.

Conference Theme: Challenges of Chaplaincy in the Changing Aviation World

Guest Speakers:

GRACE DAVIE – How faith based groups can respond in crisis situations based on her studies of African health crises

KATHY MALCOLM HALL – Dealing with grief in all its forms – death, job loss, relationship breakdown

GEOFFREY THOMAS – Editor of “Aviation Ratings” magazine on challenges facing the aviation industry into the future.

Conference participants will be asked to watch several videos in preparation for the conference and over the next few weeks more detailed information on the program will be sent out by email and be available on the IACAC website. It will be important to have watched these videos prior to the conference so that you can fully participate in the workshop sessions. Information on how to view the videos will also be sent out by email and on the website.

Planning for our on line conference has presented us with many challenges, the greatest being the start time. With chaplains spread across many parts of the world and many different time zones it was always going to be difficult to find a time that was convenient for everybody.The time chosen, 1100 UTC seemed to be a good choice but we know this means an early morning start for some people and a late night for others. But we hope you will plan to be with us no matter what the time in your part of the world.

Conference Registrations will be necessary through Zoom and will open soon. An email will be sent out notifying you that registrations are open. Once you have registered you will receive a link for logging into the conference on the 20th October. Registrations should be completed by the 13th October to allow for time organising workshop groups.

It is planned that participants will be able to log in to the conference from 1045 UTC to allow some social time but we hope to begin promptly by1100 UTC with the workshop groups forming at about 1115 UTC. If all goes to plan, the conference will finish at approximately 1315 UTC.

We are looking forward to having you join us on the 20th October.