News from our Chaplaincies

In the Tampa Interfaith Chapel at Tampa International Airport are small cards with information on services and its location. On the other side of the card is the following “Travellers Prayer”

“Oh Lord God who rules the air, land and sea; preserve and protect those who travel. Grant them safe journeys to their destinations and be with those who make their journeys possible.”

(Does your chaplaincy have any such travellers prayers that you are willing to share with other chaplains? It would be wonderful to build a collection available on our website. If you can help please

From Fr Gabriel Feyisetan in Lagos.- Dear Mary and how are you all doing,  I hope you are keeping safe and God will continue to keep us safe from our present global situation.  Because of Çoronavirus that is still around, I will not attend the conference this year. We pray God to heal our world again so that we can serve God and humanity safely at home and abroad in peace and joy. God bless you all. 

The Chaplaincy team in Melbourne are excited to be supporting the development of a chaplaincy at Launceston Airport in Tasmania. Launceston Airport is part of the same aviation group as Melbourne Airport.Tasmania now has a chaplaincy at Hobart and Launceston Airports. Sadly the chaplaincy in Sydney has been withdrawn after many, many years of existence.

The Charlotte Douglas International Airport chaplaincy team were thrilled to see that over the holidays domestic travel returned to over 90% of precovid times. Their team has returned to the airport and are working hard assisting passengers with their covid test requirements for travel, especiallly overseas as well as their normal work around the airport.

Our chaplains at the Paris airports are also pleased to see an increase in passengers even though Paris CDG is only operating on a small number of terminals open. They were also excited to welcome a new chaplain to the team, Ilena Hatton, daughter of Anniel Hatton who was a chaplain at Orly until her retirement.