News from our Chaplaincies

On Sunday 14 March 2021 the Melbourne Airport Chaplaincy team were commissioned by Korus Connect CEO Dawn Penney and Regional Manager Richard Kolega.

 The service was held at St Paul’s Anglican Church Westmeadows where the story of Airport Chaplaincy was told to the congregation.

 Martyn Scrimshaw was commissioned as the Coordinating Chaplain and Mary Holloway, Annette Peploe, and Graeme and Helen McClimont were commissioned as Airport Chaplains.  Sharon Chowdery and Louise Robinson were missing due to being unwell.

 We have had our first meeting with Melbourne Airport management since the change and they are extremely happy with the transition and the work the chaplains do amongst staff and passengers.

The British Isles and Ireland Airport Chaplains Network are proposing to have a virtual (ZOOM) network meeting on Wednesday 19th May – further details and joining instructions will be sent nearer the time. Please note this is a Wednesday not the regular Tuesday slot. It is hoped to facilitate a discussion around Rebuilding our Airports and in particular Chaplaincy Teams and the presence of chaplains  in the Airport. International Airport Review is putting on a conference on 5th/6th May entitled Rebuilding Airports and this will be used that as a basis for discussions.

On the 17th May the Nairobi Chaplaincy team are planning to host a zoom meeting at Noon, Nairobi time, for all airport chaplains in Africa. Information on how to register for this meeting will be available soon. All airport chaplains working across the continent of Africa are invited to participate. Put the date in your diary share it with others in your chaplaincy team and plan to be part of the meeting.