Meet the New Executive Board

During the IACAC Annual Business Meeting held at Melbourne Conference the new Executive Board was elected and installed.

IACAC Executive Board
left to right: Stephan Pfenninger, Mary Holloway, David Reiser, Romeo Dabee, Pierre de Mareuil, Edward Nambute, Martyn Scrimshaw

President: Rev. Pierre de Mareuil (CDG, FR)
Vice-President: Deacon David Reiser (CLT, USA)
Treasurer: Rev. Romeo Dabee (JFK, USA)
Media Officer: Rev. Stephan Pfenninger Schait (ZRH, CH)
Secretary: Miss Mary Holloway (MEL, AUS)

Host Chaplains:
Capt. Martyn Scrimshaw (MEL, AUS)
Rev. Edward Nambute (NBO, KE)

Nominations were also received for the election of a new Secretary at the Nairobi Conference in 2020. Deacon Jim Martin for St Louis was nominted by Deacon David Reiser and seconded by Canon Liz Hughes.
As his nomination was the only one received, Deacon Jim will be elected unopposed as Secretary in Nairobi.