Meet the New Executive Board

The IACAC General Assembly has elected the new Executive Board:

IACAC Executive Board
left to right: Stephan Pfenninger, Mary Holloway, David Reiser, Romeo Dabee, Pierre de Mareuil, Edward Nambute, Martyn Scrimshaw

President: Pierre de Mareuil (CDG, FR)
Vice-President: David Reiser (CLT, USA)
Treasurer: Romeo Dabee (JFK, USA)
Media Officer: Stephan Pfenninger Schait (ZRH, CH)
Secretary: Mary Holloway (MEL, AUS)

Host Chaplains:
Martyn Scrimshaw (MEL, AUS)
Edward Nambute (NBO, KE)

Training and Development

During the Paris Conference in 2016 Major Peter Hawkins  presented a workshop on the skills and competencies that could be required for an airport chaplain. The Board, led by Vice President Pierre de Mareuil, has continued to work  on defining those skills and competencies. At the bottom if this article there is a download-link to the most recent version of that work. The original list of 60 has been grouped into two categories; Character and Competencies.
Character which is related to one’s own natural ablities and personal experiences
Competencies  which can be acquired through training and education.

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President’s Letter | September 2019

Dear Friends And Colleagues,

Well, this is my last contribution to the IACAC newsletter as President. I shall be standing down from the IACAC Executive Board after five years: the first as Vice President alongside Deacon Lewis Rose, and four years as President alongside Pierre, Mary, Bev (who is also standing down), Chris and Stephan, and five wonderful host chaplains. I offer them my thanks and undying admiration and affection.

Unlike some other presidents, I retire without lavish pension and lifetime Secret Service protection, but with a sense of having had a tremendous privilege in chairing the Executive Board and engaging with colleagues in many ways and in many situations, sharing with others the joys and challenges of airport ministry around the world.

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Chaplaincy at Melbourne Airport

It has been just on eighteen months since I stepped into some very large shoes and followed on from Winton as the Coordinating Chaplain at Melbourne Airport.  What a journey it has been.  So many things to learn, so many people to meet, and the constant demands of supporting the airport community, both staff and passengers.

What an incredible privilege we have in loving people all who have been created in the image of God.

We have the joy of serving a multi-cultural, multi-faith community.  This was evident through the recent celebrations of Ramadan.  Last year I was a bit caught out and we had bottles of fruit juice and food galore brought into our prayer rooms so people could break fast and pray.  The problem was, chicken curry and unrefrigerated fruit juice are not very inviting the next morning.  So this year we placed posters in our prayer room with a greeting for our Muslim brothers and sisters and said our team would provide the water and dates to break the fast.  It was amazing, the feed back from passengers and staff was incredible with emails, phone calls and great conversations thanking the team for caring about Ramadan and providing those small refreshments.  We had not food or juice that could prove a danger or we had to clean up.

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