IACAC Melbourne Conference

We are now in the final month of preparation for this year’s IACAC Conference.  We are looking forward to welcoming all those who are going to travel to Melbourne from far distant lands to join us for a week of fellowship and learning.

Our theme: Diversity – Celebrating Difference as a Gift has certainly got our speakers fired up and I think we can look forward to being inspired and challenged through their presentations.

We have had excellent support from the Melbourne Airport community and you will see evidence of this amazing support throughout the conference.

Please pray for this gathering, pray for continued health of us as hosts and we have had a shocking flu season in Australia and we need to maintain our health as we finalise our plans and look forward to bringing a warm welcome to all of the delegates.

Pray for our presenters and we will pray for you each by name as you prepare to travel to Melbourne.

Counting down the days until we see you all, thank you for the amazing response and travel safe.”


Captain Martyn Scrimshaw
Coordinationg Chaplain
Melbourne Airport