IACAC Board Elections

At the 2022 Annual Business meeting to be held in London this September, elections will take place for a new Media Officer. Nominations for the position of Media Officer have been received from Mr Alan Benstock, Manchester and Fr Fabrizio Martello, Milan Linate. Only members who have paid their 2022 membership will be eligible to vote. Proxy voting will be available for any financial member who is unable to attend the conference but wishes to cast their vote.

Details of how to apply for a proxy vote are available from the Secretary.

Nominations were received at the Nairobi Annual Business for the position of President from Mr Martyn Scrimshaw, Melbourne, and for Vice President, from Canon Liz Hughes, London Luton.
As only one nomination was received for each of these positions those nominated are elected unopposed to take office at the end of the London Conference.

President – Mr Martyn Scrimshaw, Melbourne
Vice President – Canon Liz Hughes, London Luton.

Nominations will be received at the September Business Meeting for the position of Treasurer for election at the 2023 Annual Business Meeting. Our present Treasurer, Rev Romeo Dabee, is not seeking reelection.
Please think and pray for someone to nominate for this position.
Perhaps you could be that person.