Conference Preparation Materials

We are very pleased to introduce to you the speakers and special guests of the online conference 2020:

Grace Davie is a well-known British sociologist of religion. She helps us understand the challenges of being an airport chaplain in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.

Kathy Malcolm Hall is a therapist specialized in accompanying congregations and clergy. She guides us in 3 short sessions to deal with the grief and uncertainties related to these tragic times and how to make sense of them.

The last part, consists of 2 videos with 3 major leaders of the aviation industry: 

Charles Everett, Deputy Director, Aviation and General Manager at JFK

Captain Gilbert Kibe, Director General of the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

Augustin de Romanet, Chairman and CEO of Groupe ADP

Each of them had a conversation with Rev Pierre de Mareuil President of the IACAC about the challenges of the sector through this crisis and for the years to come as well as about their views on airport chaplaincy and its essential value to airports. These two videos consist of chosen parts from the 3 interviews. You can also watch the full interviews.

We hope you will enjoy these videos and that they will inspire you and nurture your thoughts on how to keep on being available for passengers, staff and management at your airport and, to put it in the words of Captain Kibe, be a face of hope in this terrible crisis.

Grace Davie – Being an airport chaplain in 2020

Kathy Malcom Hall – Griefs and uncertainties of airport chaplains in 2020 (in 3 parts)

The challenges of the aviation industry

Chaplains are the face of hope in crisis

Voici un bref message en français de la part d’Augustin de Romanet qui résume son intervention (short message in french in which Augustin de Romanet summarizes what he said in the video above)

Full interview with Augustin de Romanet

Full interview with Charles Everett

Full interview with Captain G. Kibe

Geoffrey Thomas – Future of air travel